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Riding season is just around the corner, and what better way to show off your inner superhero than with a Marvel-inspired motorcycle helmet? Quite a few Marvel heroes are known to ride from time to time, and hitting the open road sporting their gear seems a fitting homage. Even though most Marvel heroes don’t often follow the rules of the road, many of them have superhuman strength and therefore don’t need helmets… regular old humans do and with their eye-catching colors, these helmets are sure to get noticed.

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Interestingly, there is no Ghost Rider helmet, the hero best known for being a motorcyclist, so fans of Johnny Blaze will have to settle for Marvel’s new Civil War series. For those who are seeking some awesome Marvel motorcycle helmets here are some absolutely super looking helmets from HJC. For all passersby know, it could be Tony Stark or Peter Parker under there…

10 The Avengers

« Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, » the Avengers, have one mission: to protect the world from villains or threats that one hero couldn’t defeat alone. Members have varied over the years, as their membership is inconstant and always open to a well-meaning hero or two.

Look like part of the team with this Avengers-inspired helmet. The back panel features heavy-hitters Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the Hulk. The retro artwork is a throwback to the Avengers’ inception in 1963 and combines well with the shape of the helmet.

9 The Hulk

The Hulk’s helmet depicts a particularly cartoony version of his angry face. Prominent is the classic purple and green color scheme, with his massive fists busting out the sides of the helmet. The image on the back panel is a particularly cool looking silhouette of both the Hulk and his human form, Bruce Banner.

While Banner might not have the strength or skill to ride a motorcycle, the Hulk definitely has the power… if only there was a bike big enough for him.

8 Spider-Man

Show off the look of a friendly neighborhood biker with this Spider-Man-inspired motorcycle helmet. The classic red and blue of his most memorable suits is interlaced with webbing to create an unmistakable appearance. The vents on the helmet create an illusion that the mask has eyebrows – which is certainly a deviation – but from afar, this mask looks like a pretty good replica of the real thing.

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Spider-Man is perhaps the most well-known and well-loved of Stan Lee’s heroes. He’s been around since 1962, and with gear like this, it’s obvious his fandom shows no signs of slowing down.

7 Captain America

This Captain America helmet might look a little modern for a guy born in 1918, but one must change with the times. Its vibrant red, white, and blue color scheme is inspired by the American Flag, as is his suit. The helmet features a simple « A » on the top side and a few stars and stripes for good measure.

Known to ride a Harley in the past, Captain America is no stranger to the open road. Thanks to the Super Soldier Serum, he is brimming with brute strength, something he isn’t afraid to use when knocking out bad guys who threaten America’s freedom. One can hope for some inspirational riding scenes of Sam Wilson in the upcoming Captain America film, The Falcon and Winter Soldier.

6 Deadpool

Foul-mouthed mercenary Deadpool’s helmet is a replica of his mask, reminiscent of the recent installments of his costume in Deadpool and Deadpool 2. It boasts a simple red and black design with eye-holes intersecting the face shield. For fans of Wade Wilson, it is unmistakable.

His agility and healing abilities would make motorcycle riding a breeze, and with this helmet, it’s easy to picture him weaving in and out of traffic with a few witty quips.

5 Iron Man

The Iron Man helmet sure looks cool. It’s fashioned in the style of his armor in Iron Man 2, using gold and dark metallic red that has become his signature in the MCU. From the front, it would be hard to tell if this was an actual DOT-approved helmet or a well-done cosplay piece.

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Outside of his suit, Tony Stark’s powers are of mind and intellect. He is an inventor of great magnitude, and it is he who designed the many incarnations of his weaponized suit of armor. The gold face shield is sold separately, and jet boots aren’t included.

4 Black Panther

The helmet is inspired by Black Panther’s updated costumes in the MCU, first unveiled in Captain America: Civil War. Its design includes the signature charcoal black with silver accents, as well as his logo on the backside. Subtle tribal patterns are visible, and yellow eyes feature prominently above the face shield. This makes for an understated, yet incredibly tough-looking helmet to sport while riding.

The Black Panther is the name given to the current ruler of Wakanda, a title passed down through generations. His suit gives him extra powers on top of his already existing athleticism and acrobatic skill.

3 Wolverine

This Wolverine helmet is based on early models of his X-Men suit. The vintage blue and yellow hark back to a time before his all-black leather suits in the trilogy from the early 2000s. The helmet features a classic Logan grimace and his adamantium claws up the side panels. The slashed X-Men logo adorns the back of the helmet.

Wolverine is of course known to ride a motorcycle from time, although it’s unlikely with his superhuman strength and healing factor he would actually suffer himself to wear this helmet. Hopefully, he’ll get some more riding time in his new series.

2 Punisher

Master of vengeance, the Punisher’s helmet is as dark and ominous as his character. It features a paint-spattered look with his signature skull logo larger than life on the front and top of the helmet, and the complete smaller logo on the back. Skull paraphernalia is already a staple of riding gear, but this vigilante-inspired look kicks the intimidating factor up a notch.

Punisher is a literal one-man army. His white skull emblem is said to draw enemy fire to his bullet-proof armored chest while he delivers his own form of justice. Extraordinary combat skills not included.

1 Venom

Perhaps the coolest on this list, Venom’s helmet is about as intimidating as motorcycle gear gets. Featuring rows of sharp teeth set in a vibrantly red mouth, it’s sure to stand out on the road. Tinted and clear face shields are available to accommodate both day and nighttime riding. The back of the helmet features Venom’s symbol, a mutated-looking spider.

Venom’s powers include super speed, agility, and strength. Eddie Brock was taken over by the alien symbiote after Spider-Man rejected his newly acquired black suit that ended up being more than he bargained for. This badass helmet’s ability to create a symbiotic relationship is unknown.

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