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The final words of the Gilmore Girls revival set every fan talking – and speculating about the possibility of more Gilmore Girls to come, to explain Rory’s bombshell (and tell us all who the father of her baby is!). There’s little doubt that as a final line, ‘I’m pregnant’ is about as shocking as they get – especially given Rory’s situation in the end. But hers are not the only powerful final words in the series – and there are other characters who may end on a low note, but started with a line that will hint at things to come.

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Put together, a comparison of the main characters’ first and last lines in the series tell us more than you might think about the character, their journeys, and how the decades of their story changed them.

10 Emily

« Lorelai, my goodness, this is a surprise »  « I’ll give you all a moment » 

Fans first meet Emily when Lorelai shows up at her door to ask for help with paying Rory’s tuition to Chilton. Given that Emily hasn’t seen her daughter for a long time, her surprise makes sense, and her first line in the series expresses that – and perfectly captures just how distanced these two are. Her final line, though, shows a woman who could not be surprised, one who does the surprising. She’s acting as a guide at a museum in her new home, terrifying her young audience with gory tales of whale killings. Her final line may not be impressive on its own, but when it is put in context, it shows a woman who has finally found her place on her own two feet.

9 Christopher

« Hey nice shirt, take it off ».  « Tell me more about this book. » 

When Chris first appears on the show, he’s the clear charmer. He’s cheeky, and he rolls up (unrecognized) on a motorbike, calling out to Lorelai to take off her shirt before he removes his helmet and they realize who it is. It’s a perfect introduction to a ‘bad boy’… and it’s a big change to his final line. Here, his focus is on Rory, and the book she wants to write. It’s calm, measured, mature – just like he has become.

8 Richard

« Emily, I’m home » « My dear » 

It is wonderfully apt that both Richard’s first and last line are to (and about) his wife: the first as he arrives home, and the last as he gives her her coat at Rory’s goodbye party. While he does make a beautiful and touching speech to Lorelai a few scenes prior to this final line, it’s fitting that he begins and ends with his wife. Because no matter how wonderful a character Richard is on his own, it’s his dynamic with Emily that really makes him.

7 Dean

« Rosemary’s Baby » « Pay for it, this time » 

‘Rosemary’s Baby’ may not seem like a particularly meaningful first line, but it’s perfect for these two. Rory makes a (very Gilmore-esque) pop culture comment at him for standing around, and he catches the reference – a great start for two teens that will make a very cute couple for a few seasons.

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And of course, their final moment is in the revival, when Dean bumps into her at the market, and reminds her of the time she was so stunned by him (in a romantic way, of course) that she stole some corn starch. Both sweet, and both appropriate to their relationship.

6 Jess

« Luke » « Can’t wait to see if you’re going to wear that pocket square or not. »

The great thing about Jess’s first and last lines are that – despite the fact that it seems like his storyline centers on Rory – they are both about Luke. In the end, it’s actually his relationship with his uncle, the fact that Luke takes him in, gives him some stability, and really acts like a parent to him, that makes the most impact. It’s nice to see his opening and closing lines reflect that.

5 Paris

« Shut up » « Are you and Doyle having an affair » 

Paris never really becomes less prickly, but she does manage to forge a lasting friendship with Rory – although her final line, like her first, show that she’s still got her defenses up. However, they also show a new level of vulnerability that she gains as time goes by. In her first moments, she is absolutely in control and bossing others around. In her last, though, she is struggling with the breakdown of her marriage, and even asks Rory if there is something going on between them.

4 Logan

« Hey, I know you… wait wait wait, don’t tell me, I’m seeing a uniform of some sort »  « Yeah, just like that » 

The third love of Rory’s life, Logan doesn’t make the best first impression. At the start, he is forgetting the name of someone he hires as a bartender, and generally acting like a spoiled brat. Rory (and the fans) is not impressed.

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However, by the end they have shared a long romance, and his last line comes as he chooses how to picture her before their final goodbye. It’s touching – and plenty of fans are hoping that it may not be the end.

3 Luke

« How many cups have you had this morning? » « Let the boy sleep. » 

Luke and Lorelai’s first lines are both to each other, which is just about perfect – and Luke’s is judging Lorelai for her coffee consumption. It’s a good hint at things to come for the two of them! His final lines are disappointing, but that’s only because his final scene is set to music, so it doesn’t include any actual lines. (As he and Lorelai have their late-night wedding montage). However, there’s still something to this last line, as it shows a level of compassion (for Kirk, of all people) that the first season Luke may not have had.

2 Lorelai

« Please luke, please please please » « Yeah »

Like Luke, Lorelai’s official final line isn’t much of anything – but her first is to Luke, and it’s perfect. The first that we see of Lorelai in the series is as she bursts into Luke’s diner to beg for coffee, and this is just a perfect interaction to set them up for the rest of the show. Her final line is technically ‘yeah’, but this does come at the end of a conversation with Rory after that spontaneous wedding, one where she reassures her daughter that she’ll find someone wonderful herself – and right before Rory drops her bomb.

1 Rory

« Hey it’s freezing » « I’m pregnant » 

Nothing is going to compare to that incredible final line of the series, but Rory’s first line is a bit of a dud. She comes into the diner to meet her mother, and remarks on (of all things) the weather. Of course, they do quickly turn this into a great moment, as the guy who was just hitting on Lorelai comes over and hits on Rory, hammering home how close in age they are, but also how much fun they have as the tease him mercilessly about it.

And of course, that final line is an incredible one to wrap up the finale – what more is there to say about it?

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